Conditions of registration



Read carefully before applying for admission



We are open to any sincere advice from you, and we will thank you for it because the Muslim is a mirror to his brother and the man is weak being alone, and strong with his brothers. The administration hopes that each will be said with discipline and good approach, so as to be accepted by the administration.
We hope that the student will be aware of the conditions before enrolling, and submit to them first to Allah before everyone else.

Respect schedules, without absences or unjustified delays.

When the study begins with the schedule agreed between the administration and the student, he cannot change the start time of the session, the duration, unless the change is appropriate for the teacher

If the teacher arrives late, this time will be calculated and made up at the end of the session.

A teacher will never be absent without a valid reason.
If the teacher is absent, he will notify you of his absence at least 4 hours in advance and a replacement teacher will be assigned to you for that day.
If no teacher is available for this time slot, the day will be made up as soon as possible.

In case of absence, the student will notify his absence at least one day in advance.

Beyond a delay of 30 minutes, it will no longer be possible for the student to enter class, and he will be considered absent.

A student facing a problem or having a remark will go to the administration to let us know.

If the student accumulates a number of absences which reaches half of the number of courses of the session, his session will be automatically canceled, and if the student wishes to continue after that, he will have to renew his session and start the program of this session again. from the beginning

If the student is a child, his tutor must be present at the semester meetings to take note of the report and the results of his child's studies.

After registration, and payment of the monthly sum, no refund will be made.