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Bayt Al Maerifa is an institute specializing in online education. We offer courses in memorization, recitation of the Holy Quran, literary Arabic, as well as Islamic sciences through distance courses via Zoom. Our center is based in Canada.

Do you want to learn online? You can rely on Bayt Al Maerifa to study different types of Arabic courses online. We offer a wide range of Arabic courses, Quran courses, Islamic studies and children's courses. You can choose a suitable one for you based on your preferences.

Our specialist teachers and our learning methods guarantee the best experience for all students.

Our personalized teaching methods make learning highly effective with a clear focus on quality. You can clarify all your doubts with your teacher. We offer all of our courses at the most competitive prices. You can learn Quranic Arabic online in an interactive and enjoyable way with us. Course fees can be paid securely by bank transfer, WesternUnion, Moneygram, Zelle transfer for our students from the United States or Interac transfer for our students from Canada.

For those who are not able to travel to Arab countries to study Arabic, Allah has certainly removed this impediment by making her travel to them.
The means presently present for learning the Koran and Arabic - the language of our religion - which is the key to understanding it, are varied.

We offer you online learning.
So you learn from home through competent and experienced teachers based on an original curriculum with real goals.
And it can come true with: Bayt Al Maerifa




Our Vision


Learn Arabic Easily, Learn Quran Online with Knowledgeable Teachers, and More Courses.


Study from wherever you are without constraints, from any device compatible with our online education platform.

Study from the most comfortable of classrooms: At home.




Why Choose Our Institution?



Learn Arabic & Quran Online






Online admissions



You can make your registration request completely online





Unique program and defined objectives



Our program is designed and tailor-made for quality teaching and monitoring.

An exam is scheduled at the end of each level, and the student only advances to the next level with a minimum score of 75% on the exam.






For the whole family



Bayt Al Maerifa offers online Arabic and Quran lessons for the whole family and with a program tailored to each member.






Variety of choice




With a wide range of programs, you have the possibility to choose your schedules according to your availability.
You can choose Arabic language lessons only or Quran lessons only, or Arabic language lessons with Quran lessons.